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Fundo Borgo

Fundo Borgo

„Floor-level shower elements for effective use of space.“

Product information

If you would prefer, or indeed have to, fit your shower into the corner of a room, yet still want to include curved lines in your design concept, then wedi Fundo Borgo shower elements are just the thing. Design and functionality combined in one product.

The tileable shower units are not only highly practical and reliable, but they have also opened up a whole new world of design possibilities for wet rooms and bathrooms.

  • Certainty thanks to a uniform predefined slope
  • Entire system is 100% waterproof
  • Simple and safe to work with - tested by those in the trade

All advantages at a single glance

Technical properties - Fundo Borgo

wedi Fundo shower elements can be cut to size on site, the geometry of the elements should be maintained however. wedi Fundo shower elements can only be combined with the wedi Fundo drains.

Wheelchair load-bearing from minimum tile size 50 x 50 mm
Glass mosaic from 3 mm, minimum size 20 x 20 mm
Minimum foundation height depending on the drain:
horizontal drain, DN 50
horizontal drain Mini Max, DN 40

130 mm
97 mm
vertical drain 40 mm
Surface slope (from outer edge of Fundo shower element
to outer edge drain opening) (exception: Fundo Nautilo,
28 mm Surface slope)
18 mm

Technical properties – Drain

Special drain with odour trap and stainless steel cover.
Frame can be adapted to tile thickness.
Frame with stainless steel grid available in the following dimensions: 120 × 120 mm
Ø 120 mm
Drain performance depending on the drain selected:
Fundo drain Mini Max, horizontal, DN 40 0,5 l/s ;
30 l/min
Fundo drain, horizontal, DN 50 0,80 l/s ;
48,0 l/min
Fundo drain, vertical, DN 50 1,10 l/s ;
66,0 l/min
Fundo drain, vertical, DN 70 0,80 l/s ;
48 l/min
Fundo drain, vertical, DN 50, fire stopp 1,10 l/s ;
66,0 l/min

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Length x width x thickness
073735576 Fundo Borgo shower element, quadrant, drain offset 900 x 900 x 40 mm
073736576 Fundo Borgo shower element, quadrant, drain offset 1000 x 1000 x 40 mm

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The installation is the same as for the building element Fundo Primo.

Areas of use Fundo Borgo

  • In domestic residential construction
  • In publicly accessible buildings and workplaces complying with DIN 18040 part 1
  • In accessible dwellings complying with DIN 18040 part 2;(note specifications for minimum tile size if wheelchair access is planned, see technical properties)
  • As a construction seal combined with tile and natural stone (floors subject to moderate surface flowing water in interior areas; directly loaded floors in rooms in which tap or cleaning water is used very frequently or for long periods, and floors of indoor and outdoor pools that are filled with water with the properties of drinking water). 
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