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Fundo Riofino

Fundo Riofino

„High-quality, floor-level shower elements
with unique linear drainage.“

DIN tested: for handicapped access*

Product information

Fundo Riofino is a floor-level shower element with a channel drain. It allows the shower water to drain away in the middle in a narrow line. The required slope is already incorporated into the floor elements.

The tileable shower units are not only highly practical and reliable, they have opened up a whole new world of design possibilities for wet rooms and bathrooms.

  • Certainty thanks to a uniform predefined slope
  • Entire system is 100% waterproof
  • Simple and safe to work with - tested by those in the trade

All advantages at a single glance

Technical properties - Fundo Riofino

For impact sound insulated floor structures, installation of impact sound insulation under wedi Fundo and perimeter isolation strips should be planned: Construction using wedi Nonstep Plan impact sound deadening boards. Alternatively, approved polythene membranes may be used.

wedi Fundo Riolito / Riofino shower elements can be cut to size on site, but the geometry of the elements should be maintained and they should not be shortened by more than 30 mm on the inside of the channel.

Material XPS
Long-term compressive strength (50 years)
≤ 2% compression EN 1606
0.08 N/mm²
Compressive resistance at 10% compression EN 826 0.25 N/mm²
Thermal conductivity EN 13164 0.036 W/mK
Bulk density EN 1602 32 kg/m³
Temperature limits -50°C / +75°C
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 E
Waterproof tested to 1.5 bar
Wheelchair load-bearing from minimum tile size 50 x 50 mm
Glass mosaic from minimum size 20 x 20 mm
Minimum foundation height depending on the drain:
horizontal drain, DN 50
vertical drain, DN 50

130 mm
50 mm
Surface slope (from outer edge of Fundo Riolito/Riofino
floor element to outer edge)
15 mm

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Outer dimensions: L x W x H, Channel: L
073737312 Fundo Riofino shower element, square, drain central 900 x 900 x 50 mm,
300 mm
073737311 Fundo Riofino shower element, square, drain central 1000 x 1000 x 50 mm,
300 mm
073737313 Fundo Riofino shower element, square, drain central 1200 x 1200 x 50 mm,
300 mm
073737314 Fundo Riofino shower element, rectangular, drain central 1200 x 900 x 50 mm,
300 mm
073737315 Fundo Riofino shower element, rectangular, drain central 1800 x 900 x 50 mm,
300 mm

Areas of use Fundo Riofino

  • In private housing
  • In publicly accessible buildings in accordance with DIN 18040 Section 1
  • In barrier-free apartments in accordance with DIN 18040 Section 2 (taking the minimum tile size requirements for planned wheelchair load into consideration, see technical properties)
  • As structural waterproofing in combination with wear class A0 and A tile and slab coverings (floor surfaces exposed to moderate stress from non-pressure water indoors; floor surfaces exposed to direct stress in rooms in which service and cleaning water is used often or for prolonged periods)
* use wedi Fundo to build floor-level showers: DIN tested for handicapped access. The award is only for Fundo Riofino: 1200 x 1200 mm, registration number: P1B057
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